Impact Update: A Dog Named Legend


As a KARMAKARMA Impact Partner, A Forever Home Rescue Foundation strives to help and support as many dogs as possible. This means not only providing for their daily meals, but also providing necessary training and costly medical treatments.


A Great Dane/Lab and Pitbull mixed pup named Legend was brought to a rural shelter by a family who had had him for about a week. Unfortunately, by the time Legend arrived at the shelter he had been suffering without treatment for over a week with a broken leg.

The rural shelter quickly contacted our partners at A Forever Home Rescue Foundation for their support. A Forever Home Rescue Foundation was able to arrange transport for the puppy and provide the over $4,000 medical surgery, thanks to its generous supporters and the KARMAKARMA community.

Legend’s surgery was a great success but his struggle did not end there. He required physical therapy in order to learn to walk again without his broken leg. This process included a special brace, a lot of hard work and patience for both Legend and his foster parent. After mastering to walk again, Legend faced one more hurdle before he was ready for his forever home.

Legend was a big, strong puppy with little manners. By employing a trainer to work with him, A Forever Home Rescue Foundation helped prepare Legend for a successful transition to his forever home.

Legend is just one of their many special needs dogs and pups that need your support. By helping provide funds to feed their puppies, A Forever Home Rescue Foundation can focus on providing each dog its best chance at thriving.

THANK YOU to our KARMAKARMA impact makers for making a real difference in the lives of dogs like Legend!

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