Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, KarmaKarma worked with Operation USA to mobilize and support community-based organizations on the ground in Poland—where Operation USA worked previously and was able to call on prior experience to expedite the delivery of aid—and nearby countries as a sudden, massive influx of refugees arrived. Operation USA quickly began making emergency cash grants to community-based partners aiding refugees, and also coordinated the delivery of material aid in the ongoing recovery phase as much as supplies and funding allowed.

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These pictures are from the ground in Ukraine. These were taken in February-March 2022 by photographer Tom Remp. The pictures primarily depict Ukrainians at temporary camps and families reuniting at the Polish border.

DSC_9202 MaterialAid Ukraine_WhitePony

About: Operation USA supports health and education programs in order to help children and families at home and abroad recover and thrive in the wake of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty. Operation USA has responded to humanitarian crises of all kinds and sizes since 1979—delivering $450 million in recovery aid to 101 countries.