2023/2022 – Stories from our rescued dogs

After Lucky’s owner passed away, the lady who bought his home just left him trapped in his crate without any food or water while she had renovations done on the house. His fate was certain had workers, who came to the home, not taken pity on him and provided him food and water. Still, they left him in a crate full of feces until an exterminator, who came later to the home, alerted the authorities. Although very thin, he is no longer locked in a crate, starving, and sitting in his own waste. He is also not sitting in a shelter. He is in a warm, safe foster home where he gets all the care and love he needs until he finds his forever family thanks to donations from KarmaKarma.

Lucky2 (2)

My favorite story this year is the Decatur 14. This litter of, yes, 14 puppies came down with parvo. Parvo is a very serious viral infection that used to claim entire litters of pups. It requires extensive supportive medical care as the virus itself can’t be treated directly. In this case, the entire litter was exposed, with Lenny and Laurel getting seriously ill. Lenny spent nearly two weeks on the verge of succumbing to the virus and Laurel seemed to get better and then take a turn for the worse. Thanks to the wonderful care their received and the support we received from KarmaKarma, all of them survived and are now thriving in their wonderful forever homes.



Donations from KarmaKarma have been a great gift to the dogs and pups of A Forever Home Rescue. Thanks to this support, A Forever Home Rescue Foundation is rescuing dogs like Piper. This poor girl had been hit by a car and lost her leg. She is now in a loving foster home where she will get all the time and attention she needs to heal from her physical and mental wounds. Your donations mean all of our dogs, not just Piper, will get all the medical care they need, regardless of costs.

HRPiper (3)


Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, KarmaKarma worked with Operation USA to mobilize and support community-based organizations on the ground in Poland—where Operation USA worked previously and was able to call on prior experience to expedite the delivery of aid—and nearby countries as a sudden, massive influx of refugees arrived. Operation USA quickly began making emergency cash grants to community-based partners aiding refugees, and also coordinated the delivery of material aid in the ongoing recovery phase as much as supplies and funding allowed.

DSC_1325 DSC_0048 - Kopie DSC_0659 - Kopie DSC_1230 - Kopie

These pictures are from the ground in Ukraine. These were taken in February-March 2022 by photographer Tom Remp. The pictures primarily depict Ukrainians at temporary camps and families reuniting at the Polish border.

DSC_9202 MaterialAid Ukraine_WhitePony

About: Operation USA supports health and education programs in order to help children and families at home and abroad recover and thrive in the wake of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty. Operation USA has responded to humanitarian crises of all kinds and sizes since 1979—delivering $450 million in recovery aid to 101 countries.

2022/2021 – Stories of recently recued dogs

KarmaKarma is working with the nonprofit organisation “A Forever Home” to rescue dogs and find them a new, loving home. In 2021 our partner has transported over 900 dogs from rural areas in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina where many of them are  found abandoned in fields, along roads, in woods, and people’s properties. This year and last year saw record numbers of dogs being abandoned and needing rescue.

Here are some stories of recently recued dogs:

Ford came to us originally from Mississippi. His owner was in a car accident and landed in the hospital. Then it was discovered that his owner had many dogs on a property, including Ford. At first they thought little Ford was dead; he was covered in fly eggs and it was discovered he had tick paralysis. Thankfully he has made a full recovery. He is now a happy, go lucky little guy. He loves to chase tennis balls and is such a love bug.


Ragan was found in a box on the side of a rural road in Louisiana, very close to death. He was extremely dehydrated and had a bacterial infection. After a few days in the hospital getting fluids and supportive care, he bounced back. He is now healthy and happy and looking for his forever home.


Darla and her 10 little rascals were rescued from Louisiana. Their story began when one of our rescue partners was notified about a nursing mom who was in bad shape by a nice lady who saw her looking for food along a rural highway. She left food and water every day in a central spot well off the road in a heavily wooded area. Finally, after weeks of watching and waiting, Jessica found the pups!  Poor Darla birthed her babies right off a busy road in a culvert.  Her nightmare ended right there. Darla and her babies, happily were rescued and brought to A Forever Home.


648,357 Pound(s) of CO2 Emissions offset!

Climate Change is real and we all need to be part of the solution. In 2021 the KarmaKarma community was actively fighting climate change and helped to reduce nearly 650,00 pounds of CO2 emissions by supporting climate-friendly projects worldwide such as renewable energy, methane destruction, forestation and water restoration.

20220207_Carbon offset_2021

Alleviating hunger and homelessness in Minnesota

2020 certainly proved to be a challenging year, but with support from KARMAKARMA, OYH was able to improve facilities, ensuring safe and dignified environments for 44 homeless shelters and supportive living centers across Minnesota. The Education Fund helped 12 charities for school and education secure supplies and winter clothing, pay for activity fees and much more so that children and youth experiencing homelessness could participate fully in school and have the same necessities as other students. The OYH Homeless Student Scholarship program provided one-year scholarships to 13 eligible students attending the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. OYH’s Summer Challenge made it possible for 171 Minnesota food shelves to restock and distribute fresh and frozen foods at a time when food shelf donations are traditionally low.

You can find even more updates by visiting https://oyh.org/grantee-mondays-highlights/

Thank you and be well.

Impact update: New water well for 375 people in the Binauridih Community, India

GPS Coordinates : 21°47’22.3″N 82°21’57.7″E

Binauridih Community is located in the Bilaspur District of the Chhattisgarh state of India. Although Bilaspur city is the headquarters of the District, Binauridih lies over 30 miles from the city and is a rural community. A majority of the community members are uneducated and rely upon agriculture and day labor for income.

While implementing the bore well, a team of social workers provided awareness classes to the villagers regarding sanitation, importance of preserving water and eco-conservation. The training was specifically useful for the children. Training included specific attention to the importance of hand washing in the wake of the global pandemic.

Water, the most essential life resource, is a far cry for many. Villagers in the Chhattisgarh state travel miles on a daily basis to get water for drinking and for other needs. During summer it is too difficult to fetch water due to scorching heat.

Prior to constructing this bore well, there was no hand pump in the village. A public well in the village once existed, but had dried up and was no longer functional. Community members traveled long distances to fetch water through extreme conditions.

Now, because of your generosity, a new source of pure, fresh water is available that will affect the health and wellbeing of families in Binauridih for generations to come!

The Binauridih Community thanks you for your generous gift!

Go to www.Generosity.org for more information



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Impact Update: Over 5,000 COVID-19 Hygiene Kits Delivered To Unhoused Neighbors

When COVID-19 hit dozens of social services, shelters, and businesses shuttered due to stay at home ordinances leaving many of our unhoused neighbors out on the street with very little hygiene, water, food, sanitation. even worse, with everyone indoors our guests began to feel more isolated, even forgotten, during a time so unprecedented.

In response, our partner lavamae teamed up with multiple partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to go directly to unhoused communities and deliver critical supplies such as facemasks, hygiene items, socks, water, food, and smiling faces.

To date, 5,341 hygiene kits have been delivered to unhoused neighbors, serving between 200-250 people per week.

For more information on lavamae, go to lavamaex.org


Impact Update: Basic supplies for 60 refugee families

Children of War Foundation earmarked funds from the KARMAKARMA community specifically for humanitarian supplies purchased for a refugee camp on the Jordanian Syrian border.   Approximately 60 families benefited from a combined contribution which included, medical aid, wood to burn in heater lamps to keep children warm, warm clothes for children under 10 years old and other basic supplies to help refugee families survive the harsh winters in camps. Thanks again to our community for making a difference!

To learn more about Children of War Foundation, click here

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Impact Update: Completed Well Project India!

We did it again! KARMAKARMA impact makers have built another well in partnership with Generosity.org. This time our impact reached a remote community in Punjab, India. The Aliwal Kotli is a community made up predominately by farmers, masons and small business owners. This community had no access to water and due to their low social ranking, was banned from drinking water from the existing bore wells in the area. These were reserved for those belonging to members of higher classes.

Your impact has allowed for the construction of this new borehole well specifically to benefit this underserved and marginalized community. Prior to this well, the community members would walk long distances and wait for hours to collect water, but now thanks to our impact makers, the 250 community members can prepare food, do laundry and drink clean water from their very own well!

Check out the message below from a Aliwal Kotli community member to our KARMAKARMA impact makers:
“Thank you for the well. We faced a water crisis for quite a long time since there is no constant government help. I had to carry water from a nearby village. Sometimes we waited for hours with buckets and pots for water!

Now I am very much thankful for providing pure water source near our village. Thank you for this wonderful effort.


To learn more about Generosity.org, click here.

To make an impact today, click here.

Impact Update: Kindness is powerful. Transforming lives is impactful.

Children of War Foundation (COWF), is a U.S. based nonprofit that works tirelessly to provide medical support and medical procedures to children affected by war and conflict. As of 2019, COWF has impacted the lives of 10,000+ children, improved clinical capabilities at several hospitals and health facilities, as well as, provided further medical education enrichment opportunities to healthcare professional in several countries.

KARMAKARMA impact makers have been supporting COWF work for several years and more recently they supported COWF’s mission to Haiti and Jordon. By providing support for the purchase of essential medial supplies including gauze, bandages, saline rinses and more KARMAKARMA impact makers have helped COWF fulfill their mission.

By choosing to make your impact with Children of War Foundation, you helped transform a child’s life.


To learn more about the Children of War Foundation, click here.

To make an impact today, click here.