Impact Update: Completed Well Project India!

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We did it again! KARMAKARMA impact makers have built another well in partnership with This time our impact reached a remote community in Punjab, India. The Aliwal Kotli is a community made up predominately by farmers, masons and small business owners. This community had no access to water and due to their low social ranking, was banned from drinking water from the existing bore wells in the area. These were reserved for those belonging to members of higher classes.

Your impact has allowed for the construction of this new borehole well specifically to benefit this underserved and marginalized community. Prior to this well, the community members would walk long distances and wait for hours to collect water, but now thanks to our impact makers, the 250 community members can prepare food, do laundry and drink clean water from their very own well!

Check out the message below from a Aliwal Kotli community member to our KARMAKARMA impact makers:
“Thank you for the well. We faced a water crisis for quite a long time since there is no constant government help. I had to carry water from a nearby village. Sometimes we waited for hours with buckets and pots for water!

Now I am very much thankful for providing pure water source near our village. Thank you for this wonderful effort.


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