Impact update: New water well for 375 people in the Binauridih Community, India

GPS Coordinates : 21°47’22.3″N 82°21’57.7″E

Binauridih Community is located in the Bilaspur District of the Chhattisgarh state of India. Although Bilaspur city is the headquarters of the District, Binauridih lies over 30 miles from the city and is a rural community. A majority of the community members are uneducated and rely upon agriculture and day labor for income.

While implementing the bore well, a team of social workers provided awareness classes to the villagers regarding sanitation, importance of preserving water and eco-conservation. The training was specifically useful for the children. Training included specific attention to the importance of hand washing in the wake of the global pandemic.

Water, the most essential life resource, is a far cry for many. Villagers in the Chhattisgarh state travel miles on a daily basis to get water for drinking and for other needs. During summer it is too difficult to fetch water due to scorching heat.

Prior to constructing this bore well, there was no hand pump in the village. A public well in the village once existed, but had dried up and was no longer functional. Community members traveled long distances to fetch water through extreme conditions.

Now, because of your generosity, a new source of pure, fresh water is available that will affect the health and wellbeing of families in Binauridih for generations to come!

The Binauridih Community thanks you for your generous gift!

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Impact Update: Over 5,000 COVID-19 Hygiene Kits Delivered To Unhoused Neighbors

When COVID-19 hit dozens of social services, shelters, and businesses shuttered due to stay at home ordinances leaving many of our unhoused neighbors out on the street with very little hygiene, water, food, sanitation. even worse, with everyone indoors our guests began to feel more isolated, even forgotten, during a time so unprecedented.

In response, our partner lavamae teamed up with multiple partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to go directly to unhoused communities and deliver critical supplies such as facemasks, hygiene items, socks, water, food, and smiling faces.

To date, 5,341 hygiene kits have been delivered to unhoused neighbors, serving between 200-250 people per week.

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Impact Update: Basic supplies for 60 refugee families

Children of War Foundation earmarked funds from the KARMAKARMA community specifically for humanitarian supplies purchased for a refugee camp on the Jordanian Syrian border.   Approximately 60 families benefited from a combined contribution which included, medical aid, wood to burn in heater lamps to keep children warm, warm clothes for children under 10 years old and other basic supplies to help refugee families survive the harsh winters in camps. Thanks again to our community for making a difference!

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