Impact Update: Completed Well in Haiti


KARMAKARMA users have made some incredible impacts over the years, one of which is fully funding a clean water well in the community of Piedor, Haiti with our partners Haiti, is a country often hit with natural disasters and is perpetually rebuilding itself for survival. Many communities lack access to clean water and basic sanitation, therefore with your impacts and contributions, KARMAKARMA was able to work with our fulfillment partners at to not only build a clean water well, but provide community leadership training, along with health and sanitation training. Community members will continue to receive inspections and monthly mentoring for up to two years in order to ensure the well’s sustainability and success.

The community of Piedor is located in Fort-Liberte and has a population of 109 individuals. Each of these 109 individuals will directly reap the benefits of this well for decades to come. The Piedor community located near one of the oldest cities in Haiti relies heavily on agricultural crops for their livelihoods. Prior to the building of the KARMAKARMA funded well, community members would walk up to 2 hours to the closest water well in neighboring communities, a burden that often fell on the women and children.

Well Type: Hand Pump Well

Community: Piedor, Fort-Liberte

GPS: 19.57715 N – 71.85751 W

People Served: 109

Thank you to all our impact makers for making this possible.

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