A Time for Thanks


The holidays are a time to reflect and give thanks, so on behalf of our non-profit partners and their beneficiaries THANK YOU to all the incredible KARMAKARMA impact makers.

Here are some quotes from our partners in the field!

“We are deeply moved by the kindness that is being shown to us through KARMAKARMA. We might not reach everyone who is choosing to support us directly to thank them personally. However, we wish you to extend our love to all the Hanne Howard Fund supporters within your community and share how much they have touched our hearts.” – Hanne Howard Fund, 2016

“Mahalo to KARMAKARMA for the wonderful support you have provided to our homeless children here in Hawai’i. Providing our poverty stricken children with new outfits truly makes a difference in their world. A new outfit provides a great day at school, self-esteem being clean and confident. A new outfit provides hope for a better day, making new friends at school and a sense of belonging. Your company has made that all become a reality for so many children living in tents, abandon vehicles and substandard situations here in paradise. Mahalo again from the hearts of homeless keiki at Project Hawaii, Inc. ” – Project Hawai’i, Inc, 2016

“THANK YOU to KARMAKARMA! Your support and contribution to Children of War Foundation, has helped transform the lives of children in the Mid-East region with life altering surgery.”- Children of War Foundation, 2016

“Thank you so much to KARMAKARMA for your extremely generous donation to Threads for Teens! We appreciate your support to continue empowering teen girls.” – Threads for Teens, 2016

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Make this your most impactful holiday season yet!